VisionFive 2 as a home server

For exactly one month now, I’m using a VisionFive 2 with Archlinux as my home server. It is used for hosting my database, providing fileserver capabilities using Samba and, most important, work as my daily driver with “Gitea” (an open source Github clone) as my repository server, issue tracker, project planning and CI tool. In addition to that I run docker with some small services caring about my home automation.
For the CI part, I use this as my runner for the actions (which are nearly fully compatible with Github actions):
SInce the available ubuntu riscv image didn’t provide what I needed, I wrote my own docker image, which I put on my github: riscv-archlinux-image
Currently it provides build tools for C/C++, Go, Java, NodeJS, Python and Zig.

From the hardware side, it has the full metal case, which cools it passively and a 2TB Samsung EVO SSD. Warning! If using SSDs, pay attention that your power adapter/power supply has enough power (3A or up and that stable!) else you’ll get errors while accessing the SSD (watch your kernel ringbuffer with dmesg).

I’m really very pleased with that device.


I concur, I have been using Debian on my new VisionFive 2 for several weeks now. It makes an excellent development system that rivals an RPi 5. I have now compiled the TADS 3 IF development system which has generally been difficult with other systems. All went smoothly.

I’m impressed.


I am also using it for my home server (since November )

  • raid 1 file system
  • apache
  • postgresql
  • nextcloud
  • gogs
  • samba
  • netatalk
  • minidlna
  • some home made iot and web applications written in elixir

For now I am very satisfied…


How did you connect to internet ?, which Wi-Fil client module are you using ?

I connected direct to the router with an ethernet cable.

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Thanks for your valuable input.