VF2 Early Bird shipping status

I ordered a VF2 Early Bird sometime in November. Earlier this month (14th of Jan) I got a notification that my board has been shipped. However, since that day there have been no further updates. Most recently, I have been told that the board is in transit to Guangshang Center. My tracking number is AG208804755CN.

Is this expected behavior? Are others seeing similar things?


Might have been frozen during Chinese new year. Give it a few more days.


I had previously ordered HiFive1, HiFive1 Rev B and HiFive Unmatched, as well as dozens of boards from other developers as Early Bird, but I have never experienced anything like this. Two months after the first tracking information, the package is sent because there were no boards before?

Only once have I experienced something worse, but that was something completely different, the backers were stalled for two years, but there was never a finished product. At that time (2016), the British pound was worth a lot more euros, I think it was 180 euros that I paid.

Addendum: Since I didn’t want to wait any longer, I bought a Super Early Bird VisionFive 2 from Waveshare.