Using VisionFive 2 with Ham Radio

Is anyone else looking to use the VisionFive 2 with Ham Radio? It would be useful to share our experiences.

I plan to start by building WSJT-X and then look at porting pihpsdr and linhpsdr.

– John G0ORX

Do you use Debian system now? I also want to test ham software in vision five 2.

I am currently using Ubuntu 22.10.

My current system is also Ubuntu 22.10, and Visionfive 2 is running Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10 without success so far. My attempts to install wsjtx in Debian have not been successful either.

My VisionFive 2 SBC arrived this week. I have WDSP and linHPSDR built and running on Debian connected to a Hermes-Lite 2. Performance is not great but it is early days.

I will try WSJTX next …

– John G0ORX

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