Using the JH7110 mailbox hardware

Hi All,

I am just doing some hacking on the Star64 board (it uses the JH7110).

Does anyone know how one core tells another core to run some code?

I think it works using the mailbox register at $13060000.

The file jh7110.dtsi includes the following:

	mailbox_contrl0: mailbox@0 {
		compatible = "starfive,mail_box";
		reg = <0x0 0x13060000 0x0 0x0001000>;
		clocks = <&clkgen JH7110_MAILBOX_CLK_APB>;
		clock-names = "clk_apb";
		resets = <&rstgen RSTN_U0_MAILBOX_RRESETN>;
		reset-names = "mbx_rre";
		interrupts = <26 27>;
		#mbox-cells = <2>;
		status = "disabled";