Using Odroid XU4 fan on VisionFive 2

By coincidence, someone’s just posted a test of different TIMS for coolers. There are some TIMs that perform significantly worse than ketchup or toothpaste, about the same as a slice of cheese or potato.


Some pushpins don’t - if you have some that are quite low-profile then they can sit under the M.2 drive comfortably. I did install the pushpins without the M.2 drive installed so that I didn’t accidentally “punch through” to it when squeezing the pushpins in.

In the image you can see there’s at least a couple of mm clearance between the pins and the M.2 drive:


Great. And that’s the Odroid XU4 fan you mention above? Can this be purchased independently?

And that’s the Odroid XU4 fan you mention above?

It is.

Can this be purchased independently?

It can be bought standalone, yeah - I got mine from Odroid Cooling Fan XU4 but it also seems to be available here: Cooling Fan XU4 Blue – ODROID (not sure where you’re located - in the UK I ordered mine and got it the following day).

Went ahead and ordered the XU4Q one (fanless, taller). Elsewhere, due to location/shipping.

It’ll likely take a couple of weeks to arrive, but I’ll be sure to do some load testing without and then with.

Fingers crossed about the mount tabs not being gigantic.