Upstream status of VisionFive 2's hardware support

Now that I see an increase in the activity on the StarFive forums (and also because my board is arriving soon!), I need to know what is the upstream status of the forked software. Looking at StarFive Tech’s GitHub repository, three of the most important pieces of software that I care about (in the order listed) are:

  1. u-boot
  2. opensbi
  3. linux

So what is the upstream status of these software (most importantly u-boot)?

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I’ve seen a link in the pinned “VisionFive 2 Quick Links” for the upstream status of that at VisionFive 2 Quick Links - #3 by dtometzki


I had to dig a little deep, but I found the official JH7110 upstream status page, which hopefully, will be updated when StarFive gets notified.