Updating Linux Kernel in Image VF2

I used the user guide from here - VisionFive 2 Debian Wiki - 202306 Release | RVspace

I am using this image → VisionFive2_Debian_Wiki_202306.

I found visionfive_defconfig and starfive_jh7100_fedora_defconfig file only but I need starfive_visionfive2_defconfig.
May you help me ?

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git clone -b JH7110_VisionFive2_devel --depth 1 https://github.com/starfive-tech/linux.git

It worked but it’s kernel 5.15. I’d like kernel 6.

You can try this branch which is 6.4 GitHub - starfive-tech/linux at JH7110_VisionFive2_upstream but some hardwares may not yet working.


Not everything that has been patched in kernel 5.15 (Longterm release kernel, fully supported by kernel.org until 2026-10) has been pushed and/or accepted upstream (yet). So you would need to be running at or close to the very bleeding edge linux-next for maximum functionality. And YOU would probably need to modify and apply patches that had not been accepted into linux-next.

See https://rvspace.org/en/project/JH7110_Upstream_Plan for which features you will loose. No open source drivers for the GPU (yet) would be a major roadblock for most people.


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Build your own. I’m using the same kernel tree of version 6.4.0.

Thanks @mzs ! I prefer GUI and Ubuntu doesn’t provide it…
Maybe I want too much… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: