Unable to boot with 0xfffffffd

I was recovering my bootloader from the recovery tool ( jh7110-recovery-20230322.bin) due to a failed update. I am now no longer able to boot the board in any configuration.

Booting via EMMC & QSPI both result in this err:

Main section boot fail,use backup section,error 0xfffffffd
All section boot fail,please check your Image
BOOT fail,Error is 0xfffffffd

Trying to boot from UART with the recovery image results in this:


Is it possible that the OTP is corrupt or something like that? Is this state recoverable, and if so, how can I fix this?

You don’t really need to use serial for recovery… Just use sdcard.img here(set switch to SD mode) to boot and use flashcp to update firmware.


I cant boot into sdcard.img. The board is refusing to boot anything at all right now. Even serial is failing to launch.

Upon further review, it looks like at least one or more of the OTP fuses has been set somehow, placing the JH7110 into a permanently broken configuration. I have no idea how those got set. Unfortunately for me, I don’t think this is recoverable w/o reworking the board ans swapping the JH7110.

That’s strange… Shouldn’t happen in normal use. Contact distributor for fix/replacement?