[UEFI] Create u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out from VISIONFIVE2.fd

I have a UEFI image built from edk2-stable202311 pulling in Patches from dev edk2 mailing list.
I documented the steps here:

Running spl_tool on the fd file I am getting:

$ Tools/spl_tool/spl_tool -c -f FV/VISIONFIVE2.fd 
ubsplhdr.sofs:0x240, ubsplhdr.bofs:0x200000, ubsplhdr.vers:0x1010101 name:FV/VISIONFIVE2.fd
File too large! Please rebuild your SPL with -Os. Maximum allowed size is 180048 bytes.

I would like to flash the UEFI image to QSPI.

Is this the correct approach?

I will try this method, changing the name from JH7110.fd to VISIONFIVE2.fd.

Steps documented here work: