Ubuntu Jammy 22.04.1 on the VisionFive 2 [Unofficial Build]

Github: Release jammy-server-visionfive2_20221219 · initdc/rootfs-tools · GitHub


For VisionFive2

Base on




Guide follow: RISC-V - Ubuntu Wiki

UART pin:


Hello together,

i tried this image but without wifi or network the boot process stop

Just Enter some times to clear log msg
You should see login:

If Wi-Fi driver is OK,
cd /root ; nano config.sh
uncomment install_software and run it

Hey! @int, could this image boot from SSD?


the image works with network cable. I couldnt connect my wifi adapter

try sudo lshw -class network
check is there *-network:2.

If not, the Wi-Fi driver may missing, we need build kernel with driver.

I am not sure,
I think it shoud work with SATA / AHCI disk.

Just try.

what i know it isnt possible to boot from ssd at the moment ?

No driver found for wifi.

Are you using the Wi-Fi 6 dongle provide by official?

new a issue in their linux repo.

Hey! @int , I flashed this image to the VF2’s SSD, but it seems that VF2 cannot boot from the SSD. :rofl:

I read somewhere that a boot from SSD is currently not yet possible. Only for datastore

I was able to get this working, but with a lot of “buts”…

  • Would not boot off of SD with HDMI/Mouse. I got it booting off of SD while connected over UART. I’m not very familiar with this process, but I have this four wire type from adafruit, it would only seem to work when I included the power wire…which didn’t look like it was being used in the picture at the top of this post. I do have good USB-C power.
  • Networking didn’t seem to work. I have an ethernet cable plugged into the left port (next to HDMI) and it gives an amber light early on, then green later…but no DHCP.
  • The bootup process took forever, a good chunk of this was the networking getting stuck and failing to startup, but even beyond that things were very slow. Once I finally got to a login prompt, I typed root as the username, then waited >1min for the Password: prompt.

Thanks for getting this up, it was fun to dig in and start seeing things happening!

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