Ubuntu 22.04 LTS has a RISC-V version - anyone got this running on VisionFive V1?

Would be great to hear of any experiences with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on the VisionFive V1.
See for example https://9to5linux.com/ubuntu-22-04-lts-jammy-jellyfish-is-now-available-for-download-this-is-whats-new


I tried it and it didn’t boot

I read here one has install the server version… Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 LTS Released: Fast, Elegant, And More Feature-Filled Than Ever - It's FOSS News
wish u all the best !

At Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) we can download servers image.

But, how i can copy bootloader and use it image?

this link seems to have the process for Fedora… perhaps ask on github the links therein ? Seems tricky…
VisionFive Single Board Computer Quick Start Guide | RVspace

Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS for risc-v didn’t boot too

I think I need to modify something in the image to make it boot

Sorry - totally out of my depth. Don’t know.

Is there anyone figure how to run server edition of Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS yet?

By the way we can boot livecd

  1. From fedora image need take jh7100-starfive-visionfive-v1.dtb and copy to boot cd card to path dtb/sifive/jh7100-starfive-visionfive-v1.dtb
  2. From fedora image read the file /boot/boot/uEnv.txt
    Then we turn power on enter commands




load mmc 0:1 $fdt_addr_r dtb/sifive/jh7100-starfive-visionfive-v1.dtb
load mmc 0:1 $kernel_addr_r EFI/boot/bootriscv64.efi

But it doesn’t seem to work.
Stoped on

EFI stub: Booting Linux Kernel…
EFI stub: Using DTB from configuration table
EFI stub: Loaded initrd from LINUX_EFI_INITRD_MEDIA_GUID device path
EFI stub: Exiting boot services…

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If you follow the guide Create Debian System image on RISC-V VisionFive created by @Houge_Langley you will end up having a bootable 22.04 LTS image with whatever kernel you want :slight_smile:

The how-to isn’t 100% complete and some steps are not necessary, others are missing or are faulty due to formatting issues caused by the forum software but overall it gives a good guidance on how to create an image :heart:

Some parts are better described in the video though.

That’s what I’m currently running on my SBC:

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I did it xD. I created system image with ubuntu server 22.04 lvm 5.17.4. Can you check it?
login: user
password: star5
Ubuntu Server 22.04 LVM linux.5.17.4-riscv64

Fist attempt had failure by debootstap.
After a several time i decided to use qemu for build image. This looks like a good result.


Is this image has canonical kernel that support OpenZFS?

I dont know. Most probably not.
I took this instruction GitHub - starfive-tech/linux at visionfive-5.17.y for build the kernel and enabled a support of lvm. The ubuntu server installer require a kernels lvm support.
I think u can build your own kernel with ‘bindeb-pkg’ direct on a board and install it like a deb package
If you will use this image before install new kernel need copy the file /boot/dtb-5.17.4-visionfive-star5-build2`` to /boot/dtb-YOU_KERNEL_VERSION_NAMEfor generate valid grub entry byupdate-grub```

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29GB :slight_smile:

Can you publish a corrected step-by-step instruction guide? I am sure many would appreciate it. Thanks a lot for the information this far anyway.

  1. download the zipped image
  2. unzip it (you will get img file that has size of 29GB or 31GB)
  3. flash it to SDCARD using BalenaEtcher
  4. insert the SDCARD to your VisionFire SoC then boot to it

I tried it, the kernel missing squashfs and snap cannot work because of that,

I tried to install official kernel then I restarted the board and visionfive kernel didn’t change :frowning:

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