Typo in JH7110_Boot_UG V1.1.2 20220202

On Page 8
In “Table 1-2 16 M Flash Boot Address Allocation”

Offset   Length    Description
0x600000 0x1000000 Reseved

Should be:
0x600000 0x0A00000 Reserved

Because 0x6+0x0A=0x10=16 (16MiB of Flash)
Where as 0x6+0x10=0x16=22 (22MiB of Flash)

EDÌT: Fixed in the Linux kernel dts -

The Starfive VisionFive 2 has a 16MiB NOR flash, while the reserved-data
partition is declared starting at address 0x600000 with a size of
0x1000000. This causes the kernel to output the following warning:

[   22.156589] mtd: partition "reserved-data" extends beyond the end of device "13010000.spi.0" -- size truncated to 0xa00000

It seems to be a confusion between the size of the partition and the end
address. Fix that by specifying the right size.

Good find!

Less critical, but still annoying. Bottom of page 9, it should be “XMODEM”, not “Xmode”.