The VisionFive 2 should come with an NVMe retention screw, and a wider standoff screw

Installed an NVMe drive on my VisionFive 2 with a Debian image and also have an SD card that I will use to switch the boot device. The VisionFive 2 did come with an NVMe standoff screw, but not a retention one, so I had to order some myself. And not only that, the standoff is a little too thin, allowing for the little rounded notch on the end of the NVMe drive to actually be pushed down to the sides of the standoff, resulting in a slightly bent drive.

StarFive should hire me for quality control and proofreading. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow you’ve got NVMe screw with VF2 itself? Cause I had to go to local computer store and beg merchant (literally!) for one :smile:


I used the screw that was included in the package of my ssd and I had no problem with the assembly and the support is the right height

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AFAIU, the convention is to ship the screw(s) with the motherboard, not with the SSD, so it would sorta make sense to ship a screw with the VF board. I borrowed my screw from another system with an unused NVME slot, and thus a free screw.


You can buy the things off of Amazon… (In fact, I bought up spares for situations like this one…)

I have never read a worse answer in this forum!

I am tired of buying small accessories that only cost a few cents and that I only need once, in packs of 10, 20 or 30, because otherwise the shipping is not worth it. Slightly larger items I have had to order in packs of 3, 5 and 15 many times and my collection of redundantly ordered goods is growing.

Urgently needed accessories must always be delivered together with the purchased goods. So, for reasons of environmental protection, this screw belongs to the scope of delivery of the VisionFive 2.



Respect or manners much?

If you’re not using the NVMe slot (and many won’t…) it’s NOT urgently needed. Self-important takes will get ridiculed (as is with yours…).

It’s a developer board…and a early release as well. Advice to side step the problems is likely to be welcome and berating the vendor for the omission is not productive. You won’t get one that way- and it’s better to turn around and comment that it probably needed to be shipped- and here’s how you fix the problem YOU have.

Grow up.

Your answer is a provocation and therefore I will ignore you from now on.


Nah I didn’t, had to order some off of Amazon.