The Occamy 432 core risc-v CPU is here

Not a Linux device (RV32), but great all the same. Risc-v take-up by the ESA (European Space Agency) is a good boost for the ecosystem

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Lookup “Manticore RISC-V Architecture” - A 4096-core RISC-V Chiplet Architecture for Ultra-efficient Floating-point Computing!

Both the Occamy and Manticore are based on Snitch clusters.

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I noticed this “In order to put to rest incorrect information that recently appeared on social media and several more prominent websites, we have published a summary of our project Occamy

The major correction would be: “Occamy specifically was not developed for space, and the ESA was not involved in the development of Occamy. However, we believe that derivatives of Occamy may find applications in Automotive, Avionics, and Space where high performance and extreme energy efficiency are needed and where RISC-V is very rapidly gaining traction. We are also actively looking at options to collaborate with the ESA in future projects.”