Temp at 50° Celsius when CPUs is idle --- is that normal?

Hello all

CPU temp is at 50° when idle.

VF2 1.2A 8GB
Waveshare VisionFive2 CPU Cooling Fan

Note: No thermal paste or the thermal pad yet applied.

As I do not have experience with those pads, so advise would be greatly appreciated


Without pad or paste, you create a tiny gap between the CPU and heatsink, which when the CPU was hot enough, the small gap become heat insulation.

In short, please put a pad or apply paste.

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thanks for response. do u know, what is better?

Paste is better, but I prefer 2 mm thick pad with double side glue to maximize the contact area on the elevated center and also the rim area.

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thanks for advising.

for the moment i used the pad, which came with the fan (need to order thermal paste for another try later) — temp is now down to ~38° — wow

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