Such Powerful Protection ! Visionfive2 Black Metal Shell!

:+1:[Shell Fits Perfectly] The VisionFive2 single-board computer metal enclosure can protect the bare board well, fits perfectly, and there will be no extra gaps, preventing VisionFive2 from being damaged by its own shaking.

:+1:[Strong Heat Dissipation] VisionFive2 metal case is made of metal material with extremely strong heat sink, which can bring strong heat dissipation and anti-corrosion capabilities to the product.

:+1:[Extremely Easy to Assemble] The VisionFive2 Mini PC black metal case is equipped with 4 screws, just put the bare board into the case, install the screws, and the assembly is complete and you can start using it directly

:+1:[Strong protection] Made of hard metal material, it can well prevent VisionFive2 micro desktop computers from being hit by hard objects and physical damage. It makes VisionFive2 last longer.

:+1:[Improved Performance] This motherboard enclosure is designed for engineers, mechanics and hardware enthusiasts who need to improve the running performance of the Visionfive2 SBC and increase its durability.

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Seems like a reliable design, I would like to try it on my board.

Hi, your introduction says it has good thermal performance, but I don’t see the specific structure or principle, can you introduce it?


Thank you for your support, I will use the fastest way to send you your Visionfive2 metal case, solid packaging, not easy to damage, please rest assured! You can click the buy button above to go directly to our buy link.
Secondly, we are a department that focuses on ARM architecture development boards and LIDAR development, you can check out other products in our shop that may be helpful for your development applications, thank you!

Hello You can check this picture, which contains an iron pillar with a strong heat dissipation, with a thermal conductive spacer with heat dissipation, which enables Visionfive2 to get sufficient heat dissipation while working, and greatly improves the working performance of Visionfive2 !

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Thanks, ordered x2 from you. Will see how they perform when they will arrive.

I would like to build a NAS/personal home router+server out of one of my boards. Having a good metal case is a must.

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Hello my friend,
thank you very much for your trust.
Our Visionfive2 metal case has very good heat dissipation, and the heat conductive iron bar in the middle greatly increases the area of heat dissipation, which better enhances the working performance of Visionfive, and at the same time it can well protect the board from physical impact damage.
Secondly, your order has been sent for you, there are any questions about the product, you can ask here, I will answer for you one by one, we have a professional after-sales team, thank you!


I got mine yesterday, it looks great. I’m just waiting for my nvme to arrive before i put the VisionFive 2 in it.
Does anyone know what the brackets are for that are in the package? I couldn’t figure it out.

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My guess would be that the brackets could be used if you wanted to screw the case to a wall, under a staircase or inside a closet.

Looking at images of the case there are 2 screw holes on the front and 2 on the back of the case. I figure that you would use 4 screws to hold the brackets to the case, and then standard rawl plugs or wall plugs for separate screws that you would use in the wall.


Thanks a lot, you are right. I totally missed the holes on the side.


Dear friend.
Thank you very much for your clarification, it is quite correct, there are screw holes on the side of the metal case and it comes with metal spacers and screws to enhance the solidity of the case.

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Hi there,
I received mine just today and I’m satisfied with it!


  • Passive cooling, no need for noisy fans
  • Good integration into any environment
  • Fair passive cooling performance


  • Heavy (don’t even think about bringing it in travel, the whole case is made of steel)
  • Thermal pad might be thick before making a solid mold with CPU, so close case with care

Overall figures after 1 hour of idling, then applying pure all four core CPU load for 240 seconds (Threefish block cipher optimized for JH7110, execution efficiency 1.6):

  • Idling: avg.48C @27C room temp (yay summer!)
  • CPU 100% all four cores for 4min: 55C just at end of test
  • JH7110 makes enough heat to stablize at 45-48C at the top of this case, not too much hot but stays above room temps of course

Compared to Odroid XU4 fan @3.3V (can’t stand noise it produces @5V):

  • Idling: avg.34C @27C room temp
  • CPU 100% all four cores for 4min: 42C just at end of test
  • But I have problem with this fan sometimes misbehaving completely and producing odd noise which sometimes even interrupts my sleep! Weird.


  • I would like to see aluminum version of it, might improve thermal performance (but not much I guess because of passiveness)
  • Aluminum version would be good for people traveling because current steel one is quite heavy
  • Pretty suitable for tasks like stationary NAS or server
  • JH7110 is quite power hungry, so don’t blame the case for that



+1 for this. cc: @BEN


Hello friends, thank you very much for your feedback, because the steel heat dissipation will be stronger than the aluminium heat dissipation, can better expand the heat dissipation, of course, we also have acrylic shell + aluminium fan version, you can refer to Amazon ASIN: B0C2Q5S48H, Thank you!

I’m going to disagree with you on that. No matter what alloy of steel is used the thermal conductivity, W/(m⋅K), near room temperature (~300 Kelvin) up to about 373 Kelvin for steel will be lower (worse) than aluminium or almost any alloy of aluminium over the same temperature range.


Thanks. Maybe odroid tall blue is a compromise?

The heat dissipation of steel is based on the heat dissipation of the entire SBC, which makes it possible to dissipate heat very well, which has to be acknowledged. The aluminium heatsink also has good heat dissipation, it’s a single heat dissipation for the chip only, but it gives good heat dissipation to the Visionfive2’s chip, which can be improved even more if a fan is added to it.
Therefore, we have also launched a dedicated heat sink for the chip, heat sink + fan.

Depending on the user’s usage scenario, you can choose your own cooling method:
Metal Casing Buying:Visionfive2 Black Metal Case.
Acrylic Case Buying:Aluminium Heat Sink + Fan.

Visionfive2 Heat Sink Fan_

It was not about a comparison of an iron enclosure with an aluminium heat sink, but about the desire to have an aluminium enclosure of the same construction.


Thanks Ben for sharing your case for the visionfive 2 board in our forum.

I bought the acrylic case from your shop and unfortunately I’m not very satisfied.

I’m writing to you in short, I had to disassemble my nvme heatsink (low profile) because I couldn’t close the case at the bottom. I chose the high heat sink (without fan), present on the case page and unfortunately it is too high and the upper part of the case cannot be closed. I can’t use the case

I invite you to review the dimensions (or make one or two variations) of the acrylic because it is a real shame that you cannot use your case without making major modifications or consider cutting an opening below for those who want nvme ssd and above for those who use passive heatsinks