Stuck at ddr init stage

Hi all,

I don’t understand why my visionfive board stuck at ddr_init stage.
From official boot flow it would be bootrom → secondboot → ddrinit → opensbi(uboot) …
But my board just show secondboot message “bootloader version:211102-0b86f96” and no more boot at these days…

Does the problem happened after you used the board for a while or the problem happened out-of-the box ?

Hi julie,

I used the borad for a while…about 1-2 months, i have no idea why it couldn’t boot suddenly

Do you remember what you did before this problem occurred? Have you tried recover the bootloader, ddrinit, uboot?

I have followed the official flow to update them and my board booted successfully.
But the issue occurred at these days suddenly, it doesn’t make sense…
After the issue occurred , I have tried recover all of them (official bootloader, ddrinit)…but it still stuck