StarFive launches Linux Software Development Kit (SDK) for StarFive Dubhe High Performance Core

In conjunction with RISC-V Summit 2021, StarFive Technology as leader of China’s RISC-V ecosystem proudly announces the availability of RISC-V CPU Core IP “Dubhe” to all customers. As a StarFive Technology in-house developed RISC-V 64-bit ultra-high-performance core, Dubhe showcases the best performance RISC-V CPU core IP yet. It utilizes the latest RISC-V instruction set which includes RV64GC, bit operation extension (B), user-level interrupt (N), vector extension V (Vector) V1.0, and hypervisor extension H (Hypervisor), making it ideal for high-performance computing.

To pair with “Dubhe” performance core, StarFive Technology is also releasing the “StarFive Dubhe Linux Software Development Kit (SDK)”, which is based on the Yocto Project. This Yocto-based SDK enables the creation of Linux distributions for any embedded project, as well as easy migration from a different architecture platform. It provides a flexible toolset and development environment that supports global collaborations among embedded device developers, allowing them to share technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices used to create tailored Linux images. To ensure the best out-of-box customer experience, a Yocto-extensible SDK (eSDK) is also included. The eSDK eliminates the need to download large packages of Yocto. As such, customers will be able to recompile the entire system in a much shorter timeframe with just a few simple steps.

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To showcase “Dubhe” hypervisor extension H (Hypervisor) capability, “StarFive Dubhe Linux Software Development Kit (SDK)” includes Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor that is based on mainline kvm-riscv (KVM RISC-V · GitHub). For more information about “StarFive Dubhe Linux Software Development Kit (SDK)”, please visit Release Dubhe Release · starfive-tech/meta-starfive · GitHub or contact StarFive Technology.