StarFive JH7110 Technical Reference Manual

In the display subsystem, block diagram, which I am guessing was copied from the JH7100 SoC, it displays the video encoding happening in the JH7110 using a “WAVE521 (Enc)” instead of a “WAVE420L (Enc)”.

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I noticed in passing that the v1.3b schematic, page 22, is for USB Tpye-C Power :slight_smile:

@starfive : If you created a github repo to publish your documentation on we could divert these comments and just raise a short issue on github.


In the System Architecture->Memory Map->U74 Memory Map section I suspect that there is a copy and paste typo:

Start Address End Address Size Attribute Device
0x00_0110_1000 0x00_0110_1FFF 8KB RWX A S7 Hart0 DTIM
0x00_0170_0000 0x00_0170_0FFF RW A S7 Hart0 Bus-Error Unit
0x00_0170_1000 0x00_0170_1FFF RW A U7 Hart1 Bus-Error Unit
0x00_0170_2000 0x00_0170_2FFF RW A U7 Hart2 Bus-Error Unit
0x00_0170_3000 0x00_0170_3FFF RW A U7 Hart3 Bus-Error Unit
0x00_0170_4000 0x00_0170_4FFF RW A U7 Hart3 Bus-Error Unit

I think that the second Hart3 should probably be Hart4.