StarFive Enables OpenPLC on the VisionFive 2 for Better Real-Time Control Performance

Recently, StarFive has developed the necessary files based on the Python library (VisionFive.gpio) and successfully enabled OpenPLC on the VisionFive 2 platform. Users can write PLC programs using the editor and upload them to the OpenPLC runtime, controlling VisionFive 2 to perform corresponding actions. The current running status can be monitored through the HMI interface. By utilizing communication protocols like Modbus (TCP/RTU), it is possible to expand the system with more devices to create a larger control system and integrate with open-source SCADA projects such as ScadaBR/FUXA for real-time monitoring. Furthermore, combining the real-time kernel of VisionFive 2 allows OpenPLC to achieve better real-time control performance.

PLC is a computer control system used for automation and industrial control, widely applied in the industrial, manufacturing, and automation fields. OpenPLC is an open-source software project aimed at providing a flexible and customizable PLC platform. It implements the functionality of a PLC through software definition rather than relying on dedicated hardware. OpenPLC offers a graphical programming interface (OpenPLC editor based on the beremiz project), a web-based HMI (Human-Machine Interface), and a powerful PLC runtime engine. Users can program using the languages defined by the IEC 61131-3 standard. OpenPLC also supports various communication protocols and interfaces such as Modbus (TCP/RTU), DNP3, and Ethernet/IP, enabling communication and integration with other devices and systems.

OpenPLC on VisionFive 2 is convenient for developers who are interested in PLC technology to learn it and help quickly build the verification environment. The project will be released later.