StarFive and the Community Enabled AOSP on VisionFive 2!

StarFive is thrilled to announce the successful integration of the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) on our VisionFive 2. This significant step forward underlines our commitment to open-source collaboration, bringing more software solutions and seamless integration with the Android software ecosystem to our users.

This achievement is produced from the groundbreaking collaboration with the open-source community (credits to the owner of, Peter Yoon).

By leveraging the open-source nature of AOSP, our engineers have tailored the software to align with VisionFive 2’s hardware capabilities, ensuring a synergy between hardware and software components. The integration of AOSP not only strengthens the bond between our company and the global open-source community but also reflects our dedication to providing top-tier experiences to our users.

More information:

Key Features

  1. Android Common Kernel: The Android kernel is based on an upstream Linux Long Term Supported (LTS) kernel. At Google, LTS kernels are combined with Android-specific patches to form what are known as Android Common Kernels (ACKs). At StarFive, ACK versioned 6.1 is combined with the VisionFive 2 specific patches to complete the kernel integration.
  2. AOSP baseline: StarFive is committed to continuous integration of latest and greatest AOSP baseline, this is to ensure users can get the benefits of latest update on AOSP and bringforth additional improvements and enhancements from time to time.
  3. Support ABD connection via Android Studio.

For more information about the AOSP integration on VisionFive 2 and to contribute to the project, please visit our GitHub repository:


Qualcomm announced the “first ever mass market RISC-V Android SoC” reported in Arstechnica. Hopefully it will boot to GUI in less than 15 minutes.

seconds…, maybe…

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