Solved - NVMe Image 202310 --- not working for me

Did anyone get running 202310 on NVMe ? and what was/ is needed for it ?

Boardrevision 1.2A 8G Ram, 1TB NVMe

Moving from the other thread: Something I noticed is the error message saying No partition table, maybe you can try running nvme part 1 in the uboot prompt?

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I opened this thread, as i think it would disturb other thread too much (just as explanation)

what I did so far:

1st try was copying nvme image 202310 onto NVMe and tried to boot. Result: boot failed
2nd try was copying sd image 202310 onto SD card Result: boot from SD success
3rd try was updade uboot and spl to latest version. Result: boot NVMe failed
4th try was copying nvme image 202308 onto NVMe. Result: boot succeeded

so at last uboot and spl work.

next steps (tomorrow as it is late evening now)

  1. copy NVMe image 202310 onto NVMe and providing full log
  2. doing nvme part 1 and providing info too

additional suggestions ?

I wanted to know if uboot is detecting any partitions when you flash the 202310 image.

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maybe you can flash the latest spl and uboot or eraseenv under the uboot and try again.

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latest spl and uboot are flashed

Is there any error logs you could post?

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What Kira says! In addition, please post your extlinux.conf and early boot logs. You can capture those with an USB2Serial adapter.

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Thanks all for your help, image now installed and first start looks promising.

Logs of Actions taken:

  1. download image 202310
  2. flash 202310 NVMe image, using etcher
  3. boot from NVMe → fail.
  4. flash 202310 SD image, using etcher
  5. boot from SD → success
  6. flashing latest uboot + spl
  7. boot from NVMe → fail, boot from SD → success
  8. flash 202308 NVMe image, using etcher
  9. boot from NVMe → success
    … sleep over issue :sleeping_bed: :sleeping:
    10. disable antivirus software
  10. flash 202310 NVMe again
  11. boot from NVMe → success

Used Hardware/OS/tools
Win11pro 23H2, etcher 1.18.11 image 202310, VF2 rev 1,2A 8GB, Samsung NVMe
Device 0: Vendor: 0x144d Rev: 5B2QGXA7 Prod: S5GXNX#########
Type: Hard Disk
Capacity: 953869.7 MB = 931.5 GB (1953525168 x 512)

there is the potential that antivirus sw on PC harmed. investigating. I will provide logs asap, once i can reproduce error


i was pretty sure, i captured these, but now, i don’t fins. still searching