SoC register datasheet

Does the soc have more information about each controller detial?
ex: UART/I2C/SPI/QSPI…IP controller register field description?
I have check the datasheet from github…but i still don’t find them or could someone share to me?

Hi selina,

Dose it contain detial for each IP/Controller register filed description?
JH7100 Technical Document just makes overview about the soc.
I don’t think it has any register filed description about each component.

Doesn’t it open the datasheet about it?
Or full jh7100 soc datasheet need nda?

Hi ShenK,

The register file is incomplete. We are still under process of organizing the datasheet. The progress is slow. If you have demand for certain register file, could you specify? We could give you description under NDA.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Selina,
I truly understand about it.
I think that someone still need to know about soc/ip controller detail to set up hw level to develop/verify something.
I prefer UART/QSPI/TIMER/INTERRUPT…etc, but it still depends on your progress.


I agree with you that this is useful information for development.

Please send email to sales at starfivetech dot com to apply for the information and NDA. Our technical support team will help you go through the process via email.