password for Fedora RISCV User

I just hooked up the StarFive VisionFive that arrived today and am wondering where to look for the default PASSWORD for initial LogIn for Fedora RISCV User.

I found a PDF file for Fedora called “VisionFive SBC Quick Start Guide Version: V1.1 Date: 2022-03-01” which says:
Username: riscv (default)
Password: starfive

That would be my first attempt.

And if that did not work, with physically access, I’d reset the root password.

P.S. I found the document by plugging “starfivetech password fedora filetype:pdf” into my search engine of choice.

P.P.S. I’d also change the password (“man passwd” or “passwd --help” in a terminal/console/xterm/…), having a default password is bad.

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