Section mismatch while building the kernel

For those who compile your own kernel, did you ever saw this warnings? Are they something I should worry, or can be ignored?

I just searched for clk_starfive_jh7110_ and came across changes to clk-starfive-jh7110-vout.c and clk-starfive-jh7110-isp.c recorded at 8 days ago.

Add StarFive JH7110 Video-Output clock driver - Xingyu Wu
Add StarFive JH7110 Image-Signal-Process clock driver - Xingyu Wu

Can you confirm if this is the 5.15.0-starfive kernel source from git, or is there somewhere to get a later kernel?..

I’ve rolled the starfive sources I have forward to 5.15.94, but I really need 6.1+

@blueadept - do you have your forward rolled kernel or even better a patch for it against the vf2 v5.15.0 kernel somewhere on github etc.? i once tried it myself but gave up at some point, but was not that much to fix in the end … i guess v6.1 will take a bit of time - i assume you are aware of GitHub - starfive-tech/linux at JH7110_VisionFive2_upstream - right? i have no idea what is working with it and what not and if anything works at all …

best wishes - hexdump

Hope it’s of some use… I’m not really very experienced such obscure platforms, but well… I wanted BTRFS on my NVMe drive, and that got me looking at the kernel sources.

Let me know if it works for you too!.. I wasn’t aware of the github you linked… my sources came from the entire image tree documented on starfive’s site:-

I’ll upload my package for coccinelle also, as this blocked me for a while, and it’s a right pain to compile!

Edit: Oops, didn’t notice they had branches in there with 6.x kernels in… might give one of them a go at some stage.