SD image UUIDs wrong?

I noticed that the VisionFIve2 build in github, file config/genimage-vf2.cfg lists UUIDs for the SPL and u-boot partitions backwards from what I’m finding in other sources I’m finding on the internet. Anyone else notice that?

       partition spl {
                image = "work/u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out"
                partition-type-uuid = 2E54B353-1271-4842-806F-E436D6AF6985
                offset = 2M
                size = 2M

        partition uboot {
                image = "work/visionfive2_fw_payload.img"
                partition-type-uuid = 5B193300-FC78-40CD-8002-E86C45580B47
                offset = 4M
                size = 4M

The UUIDs you listed is correct. uboot partition GUID is defined here in U-Boot config:

Thanks for the showing the connection @ganboing . The source of my confusion is other SiFive based systems using the other order. For example, the genimage_sdcard.cfg file shown here. I was wondering if these were formally defined by SiFive.

I think the confusion came from who’s responsible for defining those GUIDs. As I understand, as long as the previous stage can find the next stage, these values can be defined as any. E.g., upstream u-boot defines uboot partition differently

I guess some of the values are from Sifive boards where starfive originally copied from, but they can all be changed (except for SPL partition where it’s loaded by ROM, which is burnt to the silicon and truly read-only). I don’t think there’s any formal spec which says those GUIDs have to be this or that value. You just have to make sure your SD card partitions match the version of bootloader on it.