RV64IMAFDC: D213ECV (ArtInChip)

I saw a few tweets about this 5x5cm prototype SBC router, which might be interesting:

If it can eventually run OpenBSD I could picture using it as a cheap SBC to accelerate an Internet connection by prioritizing empty TCP ACK (scroll down and look at the two images) packets.

The specs from the tweets are:
RISC-V Router
5 cm x 5 cm
2 x Gigabit Ethernet (RTL8211F phys - RGMII)
2 x CAN2.0 up to 1Mbps
2 x USB2.0
MIPI-DSI/LVDS/RGB and uart, gpios,12bit gpadc

The D213ECV SoC appears to new from ArtInChip, so there is no information about it online (yet).

Someone in twitter has pointed to https://github.com/openhwgroup/cva6 as a possible source of the SoC. If this is true then the D213ECV is probably a 6-stage, single issue, in-order RISC-V CPU.

EDIT: I guess I should include a photo of the prototype(/?production?) board (from twitter):

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Beautiful, can’t wait to try OpenWrt on the chip!


Looking at the chips on the top side of the board (I wonder what chips are underneath), might suggest that the RAM is integrated into the SoC (and if that is the case it will probably not be very much). There is a 2Gbit/256MByte SPI NAND Flash (25N02KVZEIR) for storing the firmware or possibly the OS.

EDIT: There is a TF card slot on the back of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).for a MicroSD card to provide additional storage.

EDIT2: SIP (System-in-Package, basically the RAM is part of the SoC chip) DDR3 16bit 128MByte (672MHz).

It is an interesting board, depending on price point.

This is another C906 chip…

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