RTL8188 Wifi driver for VF2

I compiled a wifi driver (including support for monitor mode) for the RTL8188 for the VF2 under Debian. Hopefully it helps someone else get connected wirelessly.


Hello @agreenbhm,

can i ask you how do you complied this driver ?

When I try

admin@debian:~/rtl8188eus-riscv$ make ARCH=riscv CROSS_COMPILE=riscv64-linux-gnu- -C /home/admin/linux M=$PWD
make: Entering directory '/home/admin/linux'
make: Leaving directory '/home/admin/linux'

Hi @dtometzki,

The “Release” section on Github I linked to has the compiled driver. To build it manually, I did so from Debian on the VF2 itself. I had to download the full kernel sources to add some dependencies that were missing from the included kernel headers within the VF2 Debian image.

From the device itself within the source directory, I just ran “make” and then “make install”. That was all that was needed for the driver; it was getting the build dependencies put together on the system that made it a challenge. I’m not sure about the options you need to cross-compile like it looks like you’re trying to do.