RISC-V Is Now An Official Debian Architecture

As reported by Phoronix, RISC-V has now been promoted to an official Debian CPU architecture:


Here is the original post to the mailing list: https://lists.debian.org/debian-riscv/2023/07/msg00053.html.

But a few things to keep in mind to temper your expectations is that all the upstream work by the StarFive team for the VisionFive 2 board will need to have “accepted” status. And that kernel or a later one has been promoted to a “longterm” support status.

This should happen before summer 2025, when Debian 13 ‘Trixie’ is expected to be released.

You can not just change your apt source to the one in the above message without removing a lot of functionality for the VF2 board and the JH7110 SoC right now. But in time once every function and feature of the JH7110 SoC on the VF2 board is pushed upstream and “accepted” into a future “linux-next” kernel, and that future “linux-next” kernel is eventually promoted to a “stable” kernel, and then a good solid stable kernel is selected to be a “longterm” support kernel, on that day that is exactly what you will be able to do. That day is NOT today, but it will happen sometime before summer 2025, which is when I would expect the release of the official Debian 13 ‘Trixie’.


Yes, I was aware of all that mzs but thanks for setting peoples expectations better than my post did.


I expect once the bootstrap is done, we’ll be able to use Debian sid as-is except for the kernel and gpu driver.

Which could very well live on a small separate apt repository.


I’m assuming it will be possible to mix the Trixie repos with an Edge kernel to get faster access to the upstreamed bits.


That would rock fr fr.

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Bootstrap is going nicely.




The officially supported starfive-5.15.0 kernel lacks nftables firewall support.