Requested Dart RISC-V builds

on GitHub I have requested developers to provide Dart lang RISC-V builds for Linux. You can support the issue there if you want. Thanks.
You will find the request here: [breaking change] Provide RISC-V builds for Linux (.zip) · Issue #51843 · dart-lang/sdk · GitHub

I think Google certainly cares anyway, because it’s in their interest that the language they promote runs on the hardware they promote.

Dart (programming language)

Dart is a programming language designed by Lars Bak and Kasper Lund and developed by Google. The programming language is designed for client development such as for the web and mobile apps, and it can also be used to build server and desktop applications.


Support for RISC-V is in preview, and is available only in the dev and beta channels."

Downloads for beta and dev are on Archive | Dart

It will graduate to stable once we have sufficient testing and validation completed.


Beta already available:

Works like a charm:

jakubtalich@VisionFive2:~/Developer/SDKs/dart-sdk/bin$ ./dart --version
Dart SDK version: 3.0.0-290.3.beta (beta) (Tue Mar 21 16:51:50 2023 +0000) on "linux_riscv64"

jakubtalich@VisionFive2:~$ ./Developer/SDKs/dart-sdk/bin/dart hello.dart 
Hello, World!

jakubtalich@VisionFive2:~$ ./Developer/SDKs/dart-sdk/bin/dart compile exe hello.dart -o HelloWorld
Info: Compiling with sound null safety.
Generated: /home/jakubtalich/HelloWorld

jakubtalich@VisionFive2:~$ ./HelloWorld 
Hello, World!