Purpose of the JH7110 S76 Core and E24 Core

Can someone explain to me what the S76 Core and E24 Core do, how they fit into the boot flow, and where the documentation might be for them? There is very little. The most I could find is “The U74 Cores and E24 core communicate via Mailbox”.

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S7/E24 are both not used at all. E24 might be used as a real-time processor, most relative data are in TRM but not that enough. There’s a currently closed soure binary could control e24 in linux here: soft_3rdpart/e24 at JH7110_VisionFive2_devel · starfive-tech/soft_3rdpart · GitHub
For S7, more information here: Multicore Heterogeneous OS ( Linux, RTOS), is it possible? - HiFive Unmatched - SiFive Forums


Thank you for the info. The posts are actually really helpful. Hopefully the StarFive team puts out more documentation. That’s really the only thing holding me back for using it.

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