Proposal for a new VF3 lowest common denominator to be an nvme NAS

I wish starfive and its riscv sbc community would make something like this: CM3588
There is no enclosure for it yet. I believe enclosures should be available for purchase at the same time as the release of the SBC. The VF2 suffered from the same start.

Why are enclosures so vital? We recently adopted a cat. LOL. It’s a nightmare of dust and accidents and crazy cat parkour every day. LOL. Please consider cat-proofing and ruggedizing(think like otterbox) the hardware LOL.

There’s an Asustor Flashstor 6 nvme NAS and Flashstor Pro 12 nvme NAS out there as well similar to this. I don’t understand why the SBC community doesn’t aim for something like this as a lowest common denominator since we all need stuff like this right?

Thank you for listening to my rant. Have a great day :slight_smile:

Why not to be an ROG Ally ? :thinking:

PS: “SBC” is a development device, not a cat teaser.