PowerVR DRM Open-Source Driver improvements

Phoronix have posted an article today detailing new improvements to the Linux PVR DRM graphics driver:


Does this driver actually support the gpu hardware in JH7110?

Nope, but it is one step closer every time they push updates for the three that they have selected (PowerVR GX6250, IMG AXE 1-16M, IMG BXS-4-64) they are moving one step closer to adding support for the GPU that we really want (BXE-4-32MC1) that is in the JH7110 SoC. The have designed this new driver from scratch to eventually make it easier to add support for new GPU’s.

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I’ll keep my expectations in check.

For all I know, BXS-4-64 and BXE-4-32MC1 might be different at a fundamental level, with no hope that the GPU we have will ever get supported.

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The naming convention by Imagination Technologies for their B-series chips is:
BXS-Pixels Per Clock-FP32 Per Clock Multicore Multiplier-MC1
BXE-Pixels Per Clock-FP32 Per Clock Multicore Multiplier-MC1

Pixels per clock is 4 for each
FP32 Per Clock Multicore Multiplier is 32 for one and 64 for there other.
And MC1 is a hardware revision of the Silicon (so a later revision would be MC2, MC3, …).

I honestly believe that once Imagination Technologies have a fully functioning driver for the IMG BXS-4-64-MC1, the modifications required for a fully working driver for the IMG BXE-4-32-MC1, inside the JH7110 SoC, will be very rapid.


As far I can say all the GPU they are supporting for now are using the Rogue architecture (the R in RGX) so supporting the BXE-4-32 should be just a matter to add the firmware and some configuration related. the kernel and userspace code should be basically identical.

I wonder if with what we have from StarFive adding support for the BXE could be done already by the community. Though the firmware may not be compatible, I’m not sure.