Power draw on VF2 board

Has anyone put a power meter between an electricity source (wall socket) and this board to see what it draws at idle and under load?
The reason I ask is that I run an apple M1 Mini (2020) using Asahi Linux exclusively, it never draws more than 11W in steady state i.e. a few browser windows open.


PS I am concious of what I consume given world events at the moment.

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Running scientific code on 4 cores on the desktop doesn’t seem to consume more than 7.5 Watt. Using a Wattmeter i’ve tested two different power sources, a Belkin PD charger and a USB-C 65W PSU from I-Tec and they both give the same result.


I can’t give the actual power draw until the heatsink for it arrives and I relocate it to its final location with power monitoring, but I temporarily ran it off a USB-A power brick (Anker) and it never ran into any problems even when doing fairly CPU-intensive compile runs. dexter1’s 7.5W seems about right in my experience as well.

Essentially the power draw is negligible, the only theoretical concern is that some docs claim 3A or more as a power requirement but I’ve never come close to that.

It’ll be interesting to run it off a proper USB-C power supply to see what it negotiates, the CC lines have the appropriate pulldown resistors leading to a CH224 to negotiate power levels and an NB679 on the power input so obviously it can negotiate a better supply voltage/current than the generic 5V.