Poll for different language preferences

Currently, RVspace Forum is an English Forum with all notifications and conversations written in English. We are considering developers’ needs on creating different categories for members from non-native English world.

The first option we can think about is creating a Chinese category for members who speak and write in Mandarin. As such, we create a poll here to better understand members’ preferences. Please give us suggestions and add comments.

  • English is full enough
  • Need Chinese Category (需要增加中文板块)
  • Other Language Preference (Please reply to this topic)

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It may be useful Russian :slight_smile:

Nice suggestion. We will consider it in our next step (Currently our staff do not know Russian :frowning_face:)

It is enough to be able to write and communicate in this language with other users on the forum. On some forums it is forbidden to use any language other than English. :slight_smile:

We will not force everyone to use only English while we highly encourage members to do so. Being the world language, English allows developers from different regions to read and share ideas. There might be more communication between users when using English. But please feel free to choose any language you feel comfortable.

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