Oreboot VisionFive 2 support effort

Noticed this on my youtube feeds:

Apparently somebody’s working on porting oreboot to VisionFive 2.

AIUI oreboot (coreboot minus C) is a SPL-like piece of software written in Rust, and they already support the first VisionFive board.


The somebody is the famous (to me at least) Daniel Maslowski. :star_struck:


Uboot is the standard for basically all SBCs, why people want random poop form the PC world to run on SBCs?

CoreBoot which is a PC BIOS replacement, (U)EFI and many others, they are all not meant for anything else than the Intel World and provide nothing better than uboot can already provide (and it provide much more actually)
I have no will to live in a world where risc-v and other embedded CPU need to use ACPI tables. This is a big no.


Oreboot isn’t coreboot, and neither of them are PC specific nor implement a PC BIOS or UEFI replacement; those would optionally run AFTER coreboot/oreboot is done with its job.


Coreboot is not a BIOS or UEFI replacement, it is the bare minimum software needed to initialize the hardware, similar to u-boot SPL.
The difference is that the SPL is designed to run u-boot whereas coreboot can run a BIOS/UEFI implementation, a linux/kexec based bootloader environment,GRUB and even u-boot.


Yes, Coreboot is no longer a replacement for BIOS or UEFI, but that was the intention of the project that was started in 1999 as LinuxBIOS. That’s how I still had it in my head. In the meantime, however, Coreboot supports various other projects as payload, for example both a BIOS API and various BIOS replacements, or even a UEFI replacement.

You must have made a typo, on GitHub and Twitter he calls himself Daniel Maslowski.

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Let me correct that.
Thanks for pointing that out.

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