OpenGL : EGL vs X11

Since Xorg does not work anymore on VisionFive2, there is a need to implement EGL 1.5.

Release of 202308 was able to log in Xorg and use X11 and OpenGL with GL4ES, but when I am using wxWidgets and X11 backend on wayland it works with software rendering.
I made the test compiling wxWidgets with use of an EGL context (I use wxGLCanvas) and it stops with “EGL 1.4 is older version than 1.5”

So EGL to version 1.5 or X11 GPU driver warp should be an upgrade.

Wait, what happened?

it does not log in.

Does anyone know what the state of the driver is.

Or how to enable it? Everything is software rendered?!

Futher tests and searches, I use wxWidgets to link my software, and gl4es, so I add libx11-dev libglu-dev and libgtk3-dev. Is there any problem with custom mesa like described in wiki ?
I have succeeded to compile my soft, but it runs with gpu driver only on Xorg that works again with latest debian. wxWidgets needs EGL 1.5 to work with. Same question.

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