Oooh. Next release is looking interesting


Looking at the branch commit log it looks like this will land soon.


u-boot splash screen:

And also the thermal subsystem!


-1 for the list of supported hdmi modes not improving. :sob:

No 1024x768 or 1280x1024, what do StarFive have against 4:3 modes, grrrr…

Why would you use HDMI on 1024x768 or 1280x1024?

Because that’s what my spare monitor has?
… it’s not that unusual to use an old monitor for this sort of thing. And hdmi supports many ratios.


Surely the key features, in a much more human friendly format, are all in the 202302 Release notes ?

What’s Next - WIP

  • Debian-Installer support - Could support both SD + eMMC boot in single image.
  • ipv6 enablement
  • NVMe PCIe enablement and test
  • u-boot splash screen
  • 4K resolution support for X and Wayland
  • Improved X Desktop user experience
  • Vulkan support
  • Firefox hardware acceleration
  • 1080p60 video playback
  • Gnome Wayland Desktop for improved user experience
  • virtual console via HDMI

That’s a WIP list, I’m interested in what will actually land in this release. It’s unlikely to be the full list, though would be delighted to be wrong.


… and we can fill in the blanks now.

… I’m expecting @Michael.Zhu to start a new thread soon :wink: once they have the image download links and documentation sorted etc.

I like the note confirming that some common display modes are not supported;

TL:DR (again) I actually understand why now… just spent a couple of hrs in the documentation and as far as I can tell we only have modes from CEA-861-E available, which I suspect actually derives from the ADV7511 drivers; these modes are also listed here, though I suspect that guide is out of date since it doesn’t list some of the higher modes we have. The ADV7511 (or a derivative) appears to be the HDMI_PHY device from the block diagram:

My attempt to see if I could hack in a new 1280x1024p60 mode soon hit a roadblock. It’s not on the CEA-861 list, and therefore not easily available. As far as I can tell there would need to be some serious re-work of the relevant code to accept modes outside of the list. Possible, but not going to happen soon.


My 7" monitor, purchased especially for the first login to SBC, which I subsequently want to use headless, has a resolution of only 1024x600. Of course, the small screen is not only practical on the desk, but also later when a monitor is needed on a ladder in the hallway or in a cupboard in the kitchen for maintenance work.


I can not flash U-Boot. The image is now too big.
EDIT: I should try flashing from the new sdcard image.