Not accessible via ssh

I cannot access the VisionFive V1 by ssh, not even in the local subnet/network. To compare, I do have ssh access to a RaspPi on same router to which the V1 is attached. So it is not a router or network problem.

I have compared the sshd.config files of the RaspPi and the V1 and it seems that the file in /sshd_config.d/ directory (which is included/referenced in sshd.config) has the same settings as the RaspPi which I can access by ssh.

Logged in as root, I changed the settings in sshd_config.d/50-redhat.conf as per Solution 1 in this link by adding
PasswordAuthentication yes
but this did not allow me ssh access. The error message I get is always “Permission denied, please try again”.

If someone has had a successful ssh login to this machine, can they tell me if they had to change any settings, and what they were? Thanks very much.

VisionFive can access by ssh, what’s the version of fedora are you using?


I confirm that all is well - my mistake. I will delete this post as soon as you indicate you have seen this. Many thanks indeed. Sorry for the bother.

I am still working on access via ssh from outside the local network - but have access from within it via ssh.

OK. I can ssh from local subnet into the VisionFive V1. I cannot ssh from outside via a public IP address, but does not matter. I ssh into a RaspPi over public IP and from there into the VisionFive via ssh in the local subnet.

If anyone can confirm that they can get into their VisionFive via ssh into a public IP address that would be great to hear about. After all, that would seem to be a requirement if the VisionFive is to act as a public server…