Noisy audio output through onboard audio jack

The audio output through the onboard jack sounded more noisy than that through HDMI audio. Was I using a wrong headphone or it was designed to behave like this?

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Hello, I’ve also been bothered by this problem, I started using 2306 mirroring to 2311 mirroring, this problem doesn’t seem to be fixed, although the HDMI output is normal, but there will be serious noise or even a sonic boom when connecting audio devices such as headphones and speakers

This issue has a serious impact on the demand for video entertainment, as most HDMI displays don’t come with their own audio output

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I’ll tell you that the HDMI sound quality is perfect at the moment.
I admit I never tried my headphones through the headphone jack.

I have one suggestion for you to try. I have seen issues like this on ARM sbc’s as well.
Please try plugging in an external usb audio dongle with audio out and mic in, then try plugging your headphones into that. You might be able to get better sound quality that way.

Thanks, I tried this, at first I also thought it might be a USB power supply problem on the board, but whether it is an external power supply or using ordinary headphones, the noise is serious, and it may be a hardware problem