No wake up of monitor when pressing keyboard or mouse?

When the VisionFive V1 is left idle and used only over ssh, the monitor switches off. It does not switch back on again when the USB keyboard is activated by a keypress, nor if the USB mouse is moved. Is there a trick to getting the monitor to show the desktop again? Currently I have to restart the VisionFive just to get the desktop visible again.

Are you sure that the usb keyboard and mouse are responsive before standby?

Hi. Indeed shutdown -r now did not restore any USB input capabilities. A reset using the reset button did not either. Only removing the power supply completely and rebooting from a power down state made the USB keyboard and mouse work again.

I have tested the wake-up problem many times in the past two days, and found that I can wake up with the keyboard and mouse every time. Please confirm the following points:

  1. Before the system standby, the USB keyboard or mouse can be responded;
  2. Please use a 5V/3A type-c adapter.

Thanks. Will report using

OK so far with proper power supply I have not noticed any problem.