No boot from eMMC (Release Image 202302)

I guess you got the wrong device number, it should be mmcblk0 for eMMC

the usb serial adapter arrived these days and i can’t wait to read the boot logs. I’ll keep you updated and thanks for your availability.

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I correctly executed the dd command with mmcblk0 this is the situation after giving dd and then sync

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solved, I apologize for the post but I mistakenly hadn’t extracted the img file inside the bz2 archive.

on the second pc windows doesn’t show known file extensions and i was reading .img

now after extracting the file with the command

bzip2 -d starfive-jh7110-202302-eMMC-minimal-desktop.img.bz2

all right, started at first.

thank you all but unfortunately my free time to devote myself to the board is very little and I made a rookie mistake