New powervr linux kernel driver

The patch submitted, if approved, will add initial Linux kernel support, probably in 6.6, for PowerVR GX6250 and IMG AXE-1-16M (two out of the three drivers that Imagination Technologies have selected to open source first).

No patch has been submitted for the IMG BXS-4-64 (the third driver yet). But once that happens, then things might start to get interesting, because everything is definitely moving closer to the eventual addition of support for the BXE-4-32MC1 in the JH7110.



Me being picky again, there is only one driver. The GX6250, AXE-1-16M and BXS-4-64 are GPU not drivers :slight_smile:

There will be only one driver that can target more than one GPU, also you are more than unlikely to play with a device with a BXS-4-64 as these are automotive grade/related GPUs

From my understanding, what they need to support a new Rogue GPU is to build the new OSS compatible firmware for it (not sure what need to be done in there) and potentially some tables to update in the driver itself (if you look at the code there are tables per GPUs, they also were talking that at a later point these data will be provided by the firmware and these table are just transitional until they found a good way to have these provided by the firmware.

But yes, we are one step closer :slight_smile:

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