New Fedora image(2021.12.26)

Fedora Image:

  • 2021-December-26: Fedora-riscv64-jh7100-developer-xfce-Rawhide-20211226-214100.n.0-sda.raw.zst

    • sha256sum: sha256sum: 94c73c967e12c80192d7bf25147badd9f0ee1738dc9800d1c502f376df5d5e2f
    • Changes:
      • Using the LTS kernel 5.15 with tag linux-5.15.10;
      • Using the latest 5.16-rc6+ kernel - starfive-tech/linux;
      • Support UVC camera using camorama application;
      • Support both of Starlight and VisionFive board;
      • Support ASLA driver and aplay audio files through the mini-jack on the board (only support 16kHz samplerate for now);
      • Fix kernel oops/crash issue by brcmfmac driver - jira CS-18 and CS-16;
      • Fix the issue of not being able to switch some display resolutions - jira CS-19;
    • Issues:
      • Kernel panic when system booting with USB drive in rare case;
      • Real hot swap is not supported in case of HDMI is not connected before power-on;
      • Failed to open the Bilibili web page by firefox;

Linux Kernel:

  • Linux kernel branch: visionfive
    • Changes:
      • Added the audio drivers - PWMDAC module;
      • Rebased the dma patches, so they build on the support for more than 8 channels that is upstream in 5.16
      • Fixed the gpio-restart priority
  • LTS branch: visionfive-5.15.y-devel with tag Linux 5.15.10
    • Changes:
      • Add the audio drivers - PWMDAC module;
      • Enable CONFIG_SOC_SIFIVE for fixing Oops/panic problem;
      • Expand CMA size to 32M by CONFIG_CMA_SIZE_MBYTES=32;
      • Remove clk configuration for lcdc to fix the issue of not being able to switch some resolutions;

u-boot / OpenSBI

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Just wondering - how close is the VisionFive to being able to run on a purely upstream Linux kernel? Are there efforts to upstream any of the remaining bits?

Thank you for your work!

There is no more plan on the JH7100, we will upstream in JH7110.

hi all! :slight_smile:

does this mean, that its upon the community, to upstream any remaining patches (didn’t check) or that it will be covered by the work on jh7110?

thx! :slight_smile: