NEW ARRIVAL! visionfive 2 new metal case

Perfect Fit for VisionFive 2: This metal motherboard case is designed to fit the VisionFive 2 single-board computer perfectly, with no extra gaps, ensuring that your device is protected from shaking and other forms of damage.

Efficient Heat Dissipation: The VisionFive 2 metal case is made of strong, durable material with an excellent heat sink, providing efficient heat dissipation and anti-corrosion capabilities to keep your device cool and running smoothly.

Easy to Assemble: With only four screws, assembling the VisionFive 2 Mini PC black metal case is extremely easy. Simply install the bare board into the case, tighten the screws, and you’re ready to use your device.

Rugged Durability: Made of hard metal material, this motherboard case offers strong protection against physical damage and hard impacts, ensuring that your VisionFive 2 micro desktop computer lasts longer.

Designed for Engineers and Enthusiasts: This motherboard case is specifically designed for engineers, mechanics, and hardware enthusiasts who demand high-performance and durable products.

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Is there a passive heat sink or a fan ? Can you offer more details ?

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Currently there is only the metal case, but of course our store also has a heatsink and fan.
The uniqueness of this housing is that you can see from the exterior, yes we have integrated the heatsink into the housing

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I don’t understand…, what do you mean “providing efficient heat dissipation and anti-corrosion capabilities to keep your device cool and running smoothly” ???

There’s no pictures of the interior of the case. I’d be interesting in order to understand the cooling solution.


We received your suggestion, will consider updating the product diagram, the general cooling solution is passive cooling, cpu using silicone grease and shell connected, the shell can be seen as a large heat sink, the cooling effect is better than the traditional shell.
Like this.


Is silicone grease included ? Must I buy anything else for thiis metal case for mounting and woking properly ? May you tell us what it’s included in this metal case ? I’m afraid that I buy it and then I see I must buy more things… I like a passive cooling solution and I am interested in. I must wait about a few weeks to receive it and then I don’t want to see I must buy other things…

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@Alan I assume the VisionFive 2 case doesn’t have the 45 degree angle of the heatsink? It will be similar to this?


Yes, it includes the case and the silicone sheet, and we are re-updating the product images to see exactly what is there more visually


I think there is some difference

Thanks a lot @Alan , I have just bought a box. I’ll waitt a few weeks to receive it.


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Too late … I have already bought it, I wait for receving it :slight_smile:

I have one of these in hand and have assembled the entire kit. It’s very solid, the central pillar + pad interfaces with the CPU nicely, and helps greatly with heat dissipation.
I used the original heatsink included with the VisionFive 2 starter kit on the RAM, to help there.

There are two included brackets, which can be attached to the case, allowing it to be screwed onto to a surface, such as inside a cabinet, on a wall etc.

Installation was pretty effortless. Now waiting for pygame support to catch up, so that I can test Ironseed-py on the unit properly; benchmarking that’ll show what it’s made of :wink:


I have already received the metal case and it’s fine, very fine! My CPU is not so hot and it’s working fine. As a suggestion, you may create a hole in the metal case to access the boot jumpers easily.


I also bought that case. wonderful.
There is no fan so it is quiet. However, fans have more cooling power.
I wrote a blog.

Japanese: Starfive VisonFive2(RISC-V SBC) で遊ぶ – その12 金属ケースに入れる | ず@沖縄
English via automatic translation: Starfive VisonFive2(RISC-V SBC) で遊ぶ – その12 金属ケースに入れる | ず@沖縄