My VF2 died mysteriously overnight

As the title says, one day I had my VF2 running, working fine, using the standard Debian image. I went to bed, woke up and noticed it wasn’t running anymore. I’ve tried different power supplies…no LED’s light up, no fan, no activity whatsoever. I tried plugging in an inline USB power meter and it isn’t drawing any current. I don’t see or smell anything unusual on the board. No idea what happened to it :cry:

This one was an 8GB model purchased from ALLNET China on January 25. I’ll contact them about a possible warranty exchange but I’m not getting my hopes up.

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No fan implies a power supply failure, it’s directly connected to the main 5v rail.

So it’s either the onboard power regulator has failed (the circuitry near the usb-c socket), or a supply problem. I assume you have tried replacing power cable and supply.

Afik StarFive are reasonable with returns etc.



as mentioned, try replacing the power supply. If that doesn’t help, there is something wrong on the board itself.

Here is their contact info, I have mine from there too:
EU branch:


Thank you both. Yes, I tried a few different supplies and they didn’t work either. I emailed ALLNET last night but haven’t gotten a response yet. Today I might get my multimeter and check a few of the components on the board to see if I can find anything obvious.

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There is a good test point for the supply voltage /before/ the onboard buck regulator, but is’ on the underside of the board…

The fan socket is a good test point of the 5v rail :wink:


If anyone is interested in an update, Allnet responded to my email and we are doing an exchange for a new board. They said I am the first one to report a dead VF2 to them, just my luck I suppose. I didn’t bother trying any further diagnosis on it because I’ve packed it up for the return shipment. So I’ll be without a VF2 for a while, but maybe we’ll have some mainlines/bugfixes in the meantime (big thanks to those working on development). :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to hear they are willing to do a swap. Another reason to keep doing business with them.