My First Experience & Things to do after First Boot-up of VisionFive

Believe me! VisionFive is a really fascinating board. It can be your next IoT or brain for Robots. New Tech always fascinates me and so did VisionFive.

If this is your first boot-up and you have successfully logged into your Fedora OS then there are a few things that you need to install. Or at least I was in need of them when I first booted up.

  • Install Python IDLE using “sudo yum install python3-tools”
  • Install the gThumb or any other Graphic editor/ Image Viewer e.g “sudo dnf install gthumb”
  • Install Archive Manager, I installed file-roller using “sudo yum install file-roller”

Things you may need to know:
For permission denied error you can use “sudo” and "sh - " commands but dnf package will mostly give you an error with "sh - " command so try using '‘sudo’.
Besides this, it’s like a normal Linux computer so nothing to worry about if you are unable to find a solution regarding any error. You can follow any tutorial or stack solutions available online for Linux errors.

This was my personal experience. Your experience may be different from mine so please add your experience and things to do here on this topic.
Good Luck and Happy Visioning with VisionFive!