My bootup screen is all blurred?

Can anybody help me with this? The bootup screen’s text is blurred out. But on the log-in page it’s normal.
Can anybody help me?

Is the content of /var/log/boot.log displayed normally?

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Hi Hamzah:

Would you please provide below files to us? We need more details log to analyse this issue. Thanks so much.


Yeah, Here are these…
boot.log (33.7 KB)
Xorg.0.log (25.6 KB)

hi Hamzah:
Based on Xorg.0.log analysis , The resolution 1366x768 is haven’t adaptive, Would you please replace a screen and try it again? You also can reference to attachment(ok_Xorg.0.log) which is normal log

ok_Xorg.0.log (15.4 KB)

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Okay, I’ll try on that…But for now I have 3 LCDs and all with the same resolution :joy: