Minimal desktop image boots but not full Image 69

Hi all,

I’ve gotten the buildroot to boot, updated SPL and u-boot, then gotten the minimal desktop image to boot. However, the full desktop will not boot (no green blinking LED).

I’ve tried on several SD cards (PHY 64GB, PHY 32GB, SanDisk 32GB). Always the same. Write verifies as correct in BalenaEtcher and boot the fat16 and root ext4 are mountable on linux.

Any ideas? Unforunately I do not havea UART at this time to check the serial console.

do you have double check the sha256 for full image?

Yes, I can confirm it matches 0AE19AD54F974EA38E0DF7185CD0E56CFE79E8C34C38C0EFA2AB4A44723D667B.

The same here. :frowning:

For the debian initial image release, I had to “again” change the boot jumpers to both (with me looking at board with GPIO on back-right), both be far left. This allowed the image to boot, only when using a specific 1080p only screen (ACER KG221Q). It seems that there is an issue with booting specific screens, at least last time I ran the image.

Not sure what you mean, I haven’t ever had to change the boot jumpers? Is there a link about when to do this?

With or without a screen it’s not booting so I don’t think it’s a display issue.

I think @LewisCowles is talking about this:

taken from VisionFive2_QSG.pdf page 28
But I don’t think it’s relevant here but I may be wrong.

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can you check your startup mode?
Now, it’s only support flash mode.

Sorry what does this mean. Looking at the jumpers linked above it all looks okay.

What do you mean what the startup mode is? Should the jumper be on (High level) or (Low level)?

From the quickstart guide I’d say both switches should be in the 0 (low) position for 1-bit QSPI Nor Flash Boot Mode.

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Baffling, and you think this might explain why the minimal image 69 works, but the full one doesn’t?

I tried changing the boot mode jumpers, both on. Image69 is still not booting.