Minecraft server issues

I’ve seen some people get a server running on their visionfive 2 and im trying to get a minecraft server running on the Visionfive 2 as well but its extremely slow (something like a 15 min start up time) and the server keeps crashing instantly due to an “exception in server tick loop”.

Currently running the 202302 debian image, on board v1.2A with the default-jre and default-jdk.

I’m not 100% sure, but AFAIK the current Debian OpenJDK build for riscv64 does not use the Hotspot JIT JVM, but Zero, which is expected to be much slower.

Not sure if Cuberite (C++ Minecraft server implementation) compiles and runs on RISC-V?

No use: Currently supports Release 1.8 - 1.12.2 Minecraft protocol versions.

Btw, I solved it, just use shipilev’s binaries Here, find the riscv64-server-release part then just make a java directory, extract it there and add the jdk folder to path with export JAVA_HOME=[jdk file path here] for me it was /home/usr/java/jdk just navigate to your jdk directory and use pwd then add that to PATH with export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin then java should be added and just run the server from there

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From that site:

WARNING: These artifacts are not well-tested, not virus-checked, may contain horrible bugs that could lead to data corruption, engulfing machines in flames, sharing your financial data, selling your pets on eBay, etc. etc. etc. everything that applies for binaries^W code^W anything downloaded from the Internet. Be cautious. If in doubt, build from the source yourself, and/or run on staging environment that is not painful to restore.

I like them already (honest good advice)

Our motto: builds.shipilev.net — still more secure than npm install

And I’m in… :smiley:
I’ve been trying to spin up LaserWeb (server side) on the VF2 but gave up in a nest of NPM issues. Something I need to return to.